Definition Essay on Courage

An Essay on the Definition of Courage

A person can come up with many reasons why he writes an essay. Most of the motives among many are for school requirement, school admission and job application. Some composes essays out of their fondness for marrying words together. What is an essay? An essay is defined as a short literary arrangement about one topic. It usually exhibits the personal opinion of the writer. Definition essay on courage is an interesting theme. This essay highlights a person’s faith and encounter on courage. There are articles on this subject that explains that courage is a debatable matter. Courage is termed in different ways.

A popular definition essay on courage is the quality of being brave. It is the lack of fear or having high spirit. Being courageous they say is turning ones back from cowardice. Those that lack courage are often suggested as being weak. However, courage does not basically pertain to physical strength. One can be physically weak but has a strong mind. The mind’s power to decide on grueling issues can be associated to a fearless mind. In the contrary, one writer may say that the act of courage is about doing what one thinks is right even if he may be afraid. This contradicts the description of courage as acknowledging the absence of spinelessness.

Writers have varying views about courage. This justifies why there are many definition essay on courage that are at times alike but most often have opposing statements. Aside from definition essay on courage that highlights physical and mental strength, the spiritual trait of a person signifies courage. Courage involves the moral or ethical value. One instance is someone using his power to protect a person in need. Another is raising above negativity and finding ways to express goodwill towards others. Cited situations may be vague in some essays on courage since such circumstances focus more on religion. Most believe that religion is the core basis why people show kindness and not courage alone. Governance may also be noted in definition essay on courage. A person must express bravery as a sign of leadership to be able to control an institution. Some say that an individual can never be a leader without courage.

It is evident in definition essay on courage that people have varied beliefs on what is courage. Definition essay on courage does not begin in the mind of the writer but in the heart. Courage is not a plain subject to explain. Definitions on courage do not lack profundity and precision. The reason for the many definitions must have emerged from constant change. An essay is made up of not just words but of a person’s values. It may be influenced by interesting anecdotes and popular quotations. It is a reflection of lessons learned from different experiences in life.